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 Marimn Health Medical Center logoA non- exempt position serving Indian and non-Indian patients/clientele.


High school diploma or GED required. Prefer formal pharmacy technician training or minimum one year experience. Must have computer use knowledge. Must be currently certified in the State of Idaho as Pharmacy Technician by the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The positions identified as created for this purpose are temporary, however, Marimn Health will attempt to place individuals hired into these roles into other positions with Marimn Health once the need for the COVID Team has expired. Any current employees of Marimn Health that transfer into COVID Team positions will have the opportunity to move back into their original or a comparable position once the need for the COVID Team has expired. Anyone not meeting performance standards on the COVID Team will not be eligible for this reassignment.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrated knowledge base in his/her field and keeps current through continuing education programs.
  • Converts physician medication orders into typed prescription labels.
  • Utilizes clinic computer equipment to generate labels, collect data, and produce patient care information.
  • Trained according to the standards of the employer to perform routine functions that do not require the use of professional judgment in connection with the preparing, compounding, distribution and/or dispensing of medications.
  • Demonstrates clear communication in regard to patient care and personal communication.
  • Aids in processing and mailing medications to reduce in-person contact with high risk patients.
  • Delivery of medications when needed to reduce direct contact with high risk patients.
  • Staff members alternate pickup locations to reduce unnecessary entry into clinic.
  • Provides health promotion and disease prevention activities relating to drug use and preventative drug therapy to the community when needed.
  • Communicates directly with the Pharmacy Manager about problems that affect the delivery of patient care.
  • Maintains positive and professional patient/pharmacy relations with Marimn Health patients.
  • Treats patients and staff with courtesy and respect.
  • Participates in accreditation committees, attends staff and Center meetings, and in-service training.
  • Properly documents errors in logs, and accepts responsibility. Number of errors are appropriate for workload.
  • Requisitions and maintains adequate supplies for the department.
  • Maintains records, does drug inventory, stock shelves, maintains clean work environment.
  • Contributes to constructive problem solving in the pharmacy.
  • Communicates directly with the Pharmacy Manager about problems that affect the pharmacy operations.
  • Helps to create an environment that facilitates the Manager’s ability perform his/her job.
  • Helps to identify problems and works to solve these problems.
  • Promotes a cooperative team effort within the Pharmacy.
  • Consults with the Revenue staff in third party processing of pharmacy billing as well as participating in the development of an integrated billing software package.
  • Enter in new drug products and costs into the database.
  • Contributes equally and positively to the workload in the pharmacy.
  • Accomplishes necessary paperwork as assigned. Follow policy and procedure rules, including dress code.
  • Makes productive use of administrative and down time. Develops programs and ideas to improve efficiency of the department.
  • Uses programs for official use only. does not use inappropriate internet sites or email.
  • Manages personal and professional priorities for the good of the Center.
  • Demonstrates compassion and understanding of patient’s problems. Works to effective resolve problems.
  • Treats patients with courtesy and respect.
  • Consistently works as a team player in completing pharmacy workload and facilitating patient care.
  • Is punctual in arrive at scheduled times. Does not abuse paid time off policies.
  • Orders needed supplies from various vendors. Utilizes electronic ordering systems.
  • Handles refill requests and ordering of charts.
  • Utilizes RPMS system for ordering of charts.
  • Maintains adequate medication stock.
  • Provides clerical support when needed.
  • Attends job related training and staff meetings when assigned.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


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