A Step in the Right Direction: Tackling Diabetes One Foot at a Time

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Marimn Health Steps Up for Defeat Diabetes Month

April showers bring May flowers, but it also signals our reinforced commitment at Marimn to battle diabetes from the ground up. This month, we lace our sneakers and embark on a crucial aspect of diabetes management: foot care. We’re here to guide you through the essential steps and practices to ensure your feet are not just steps but leaps ahead in your diabetes care journey.


The Sole Importance of Daily Foot Checks

Our expert footcare nurse, Jody Gordon, stresses the significance of daily foot inspections. Every day brings a new opportunity to spot potential issues early, from wounds and redness to swelling. “Checking your feet every day for wounds, redness, and swelling is important” says Gordon. Being vigilant is your first line of defense in preventing complications that could sidestep your health goals.


The Art of Moisturizing (and Drying) Right

Moisturizing your feet is crucial, but it’s equally important to avoid the areas between your toes. Gordon suggests, “after showering or bathing take a towel and dry thoroughly.” Why? Moisture in these spaces can invite fungal infections, turning a small issue into a larger problem. It’s a simple step but one that’s crucial in keeping your feet in toe-riffic condition.


Stepping into the Right Shoes (and Socks)

Choosing the right footwear isn’t just about style; it’s about protection and prevention. Shoes that fit well and provide ample protection can prevent callouses and wounds. This is crucial for individuals with diabetes. Furthermore, socks play a significant role too, especially for those who experience swelling in their feet and lower legs. Compression socks, when fitted appropriately, can help to manage this issue. To qualify for these specialized shoes, a conversation with your provider is the first step. Marimn Health can have you fitted and complete the order in house. For more detailed information on foot complications related to diabetes, Gordon suggests the American Diabetes Association as a helpful resource.


Ready to Take the Next Step?

This Defeat Diabetes Month, step up your game by elevating your footcare routine. Many of these steps you can take in the comfort of your own home and incorporating these insights into your daily routine can elevate your foot care regimen from routine to remarkable and keep you on track toward a healthier future. We can help with resources Marimn Health is here to support every phase of your journey towards defeating diabetes – if you have any questions about managing your diabetes, please talk to your medical provider at your next appointment.

Lastly, Marimn Health offers diabetic foot health care for Coeur d’Alene Tribal Members. If you are a tribal member and would like more information about this service, contact Marimn Health at (208) 686-1931.

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